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The Injustice League–Gods and Monsters

I came across some of DC’s “Justice League Gods and Monsters Chronicles” short videos today. I could share them here for you to make up your own mind, but I don’t want to be the one who shares them with anyone. They bill it as “dark” which is usually something I can get behind (tonight’s blog was initially going to be about how awesomely dark the new Aquaman looks, but then I saw the shorts) —because with superheroes, the darkness eventually yields to light. It may be that the shorts were only showing the darkness before the light, but what I saw was so devoid of hope, kindness, caring or humanity that I don’t think I could sit through it to get to the payoff—if, in fact, there is one. What I saw was just gross and vulgar.

The shorts that I saw appeared to be disturbing just for the sake of being disturbing, there was a bunch of bad language in it and, Harley Quinn was unnecessarily scantily dressed.

The series is the precursor to a movie length feature which will be released directly to DVD and download of our Justice League heroes in an alternate universe where they keep the world in check in not-so-heroic ways. Fine. But this so far, is so devoid of anything even remotely heroic it actually made me not want to watch another minute. Clearly, it’s written for an adult audience, but even as an adult, it’s not something that I’d ever want to see more of.


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