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Netflix recently released a film version of The Little Prince, one of my favourite books. They placed the story in the context of a meeting between the author and a little girl who really needed to hear the tale. This little girl was being forced to grow up way before her time; she had loss upon loss heaped upon her without any acknowledgment or assistance in processing it. She lost her father’s presence in her life through divorce, with snow globes he would send from his travels as a poor substitute. Her decisions for her life were replaced by her mother’s vision of life—a barren calendar packed with busy tasks but perfectly empty of meaning or joy.

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Le Petit Prince

I saw today that one of my favorite books, The Little Prince, is going to be an animated movie. I tend to stay cautiously optimistic (which a co-worker pointed out to me today is just a form a of pessimism…) about things I might be enticed to be excited about, but it looks gorgeous!! I really like the way they are framing the story in the life of a child who is being driven by her mom into a premature adulthood. The little girl befriends an old man who, it seems from the trailer, teaching her to be a child.

The Little Prince is one of those books that is so beautifully imaginative and thought-provoking and formative—every child should have it read to them. And then, every child should read it again when they are big—because there are two stories in there—one for kids and one for adults. And they are brilliantly woven into the same sentences. Everyone should hear them from both sides; partly because reading it as an adult reminds you to read it as a child. Can you tell that I like this book? Besides wine and cheese, this is one of my favorite things to come out of France.

Please take a look at this lovely trailer:

The Little Prince – International Trailer 2 by Orangefr

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