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Avengers: Infinity War | Bigger on the Inside

In Avengers: Infinity Wars, personal sacrifice to save the life of another is a major theme—as is the value of a single human life. Here’s your Catholic family movie review, complete with the trailer and discussion questions for your older kids. (We’re not recommending it for the younger set.) And, I worked really hard to not include any spoilers.

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I’m routinely told by other adults, “I don’t watch cartoons anymore.” Their loss, I say!  Cartoons are some of my favourite entertainment, and I love kids’ cartoons. In fact, when the kids wander off and I still have them on, I get a pleading look and a semi-desperate question from my husband, “Do we have to keep watching this? The kids are in bed…”

Yes, yes we do.

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Glasses on, he’s a mild-mannered reporter at the Daily Planet. Glasses off, he’s a Son of Krypton, ready to save the universe. Glasses on, she’s Diana Prince—a sweet, unassuming officer in the US military. Glasses off, she’s Wonder Woman, Princess of the Amazonians. Their glasses serve as masks to hide their secret identities. I love that, for at least these two, the disguises they wear are in their “regular” lives—they take off their “masks” to be the hero that is natural to them, instead of putting one on to become something “other.”

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A Bizarro Kind Of Love | Geekdom House

Superman treats Bizarro, not like the monster that everyone else sees, but like a child who needs assistance.

If Superman turned on us, we’d be toast. I am not afraid of my hero turning bad because he constantly reveals his gentle nature and compassion for the small, the weak, and the needy. To me, Superman is the embodiment of love because he wills the good of all others—even though he really doesn’t have to.

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Fearing the Evos| Geekdom House

The most believable lies have an element of truth to them.  In the TV series Heroes Reborn, when Erica Kravid told everyone that there was going to be an event that would wipe out almost all life on earth and that she had a plan to save them, she wasn’t lying. There was going to be a cataclysmic event, it was going to wipe out humanity, and she did have a plan to save humanity. She didn’t divulge that her plan didn’t include everyone—or even most people. She only intended to save a few, hand-selected people.

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It Is Your Destiny


If you were brought up on superheroes and sci-fi, and if you were brought up Catholic, then you probably have an excellent understanding of destiny. You knew from an early age, or at least suspected, that there is something special about you, and that you have a particular role to fulfill in this life. You were born for something great.

Every hero knows, sometimes from within and sometimes because they were told, that there is something that they, and they alone, must do for the salvation of the planet. Superman, Luke Skywalker, the various Green Lanterns, Spiderman—pick a hero—they have an understanding that the power they have been given saddles them with a responsibility to change the course of history. They didn’t just grab their tights and go for it, though. They struggled, hung out in quiet solitude, engaged in a discernment process with people of better understanding and let their calling grow in them until they were ready to find their opportunity to strike out.

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