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Over the years, Star Trek has served as an entertaining way to challenge my assumptions, beliefs, and conscience on many moral topics—from the development of technology, to politics, to intercultural relations, to policies on war and peace, to racism—the list is as long as the number of episodes that span the different branches of the television and movie franchise. So, it’s not surprising that the last couple of movies they turned out, Into Darkness and Beyond also tackled issues that had me leaving the theatre with so many more thoughts then when I entered.

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Star Trek: Beyond | Bigger on the Inside

Caution: Contains spoilers.

Star Trek is one of my favorite franchises; from TV shows to movies, the various evolutions of the story are entertaining, meaningful and thought-provoking. Star Trek: Beyond is receiving all kinds of critical acclaim for having all of these qualities, and for the most part, it deserves them.

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