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Incredibles 2 | Bigger on the Inside


Incredibles 2, as promised by the actors before the movie began, was well worth the more than a decade wait for the sequel. It tackles themes like adolescence, stay-at-home parenting, working parents, work insecurity and potential homelessness, how to deal with unjust laws, and my personal nemesis: New Math. Funny, action-packed and beautifully made, this is a fantastic family movie.

For a short review of the movie that includes themes and discussion questions to get the ball rolling, click here.

Solo: A Star Wars Story | Bigger on the Inside


Solo: A Star Wars Story offers a glimpse into three years of Han Solo’s life, which is meant to give us an understanding of where he came from and how he became the hero that we all love. Don’t worry—he knows. This was not my favorite movie from the Star Wars franchise, but it did offer some great themes for family or youth group discussions.

Get a short review with discussion starters for the family here.

Rogue One | Bigger on the Inside

Having been a fan of the Star Wars franchise since I was a small child, each new movie (except those three that shall not be named) brings fresh excitement. Rogue One lived up to the hype and filled in some blanks that I’ve been holding since I was seven. My review of Rogue One with discussion questions for families.

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Pan | Bigger On The Inside

My family, being on Easter Break together, decided, after much of our vacation had gone wrong, to have a family movie night. I wish I was writing about Batman Vs. Superman, but even when I’m on vacation, I don’t get out much. Going through the “on demand” section, we came across Pan, a movie that most of us had wanted to see when it came out last year. So, we hunkered down, settled in a gave it a go.  The movie diverted us from our troubles for a while, so it served its purpose.  It also gave my kids a couple of opportunities to make fun of me for crying “over every little thing.”

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