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Another Batman vs Superman


I had a quick exchange with a friend last night that got me thinking about the different types of superheroes—they boy scout type like Superman and Captain America vs the ones who are teetering on the edge of justice like Batman and Wolverine. I have a sincere appreciation for the good, good guys. I need models of purity of heart—they offer me hope that people can truly offer themselves for the service of others with pure, unselfish motives. I love that; I’m attracted to it and strive to be like that in my daily life.

However…I am half Sicilian and half German—my very genetic make-up alone is high recommendation for supervillainry. Growing up small and ugly didn’t help. It has become my nature, or at least my initial instinct, to be somewhat suspicious of and guarded with people. I can also lash back with extreme effectiveness when attacked. I have had to curb that in myself. I frequently deal with verbal abuse from people, and my inclination is not to be friendly. I’d like to offer them the opportunity to “take a number.” I am required—by my Christianity and my profession—to respond in charity. Now, I don’t fancy myself a hero because I manage to eek out some self-control—I fancy myself still employed and not in jail.

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Travel Mugs Of Death

Life is like a travel mug. You can give it the old college try with the best resources you have and hope it all goes smoothly, or you can try to control your circumstances so much that you’re really sacrificing more security than you’re creating. We have a lot to hope in when God is part of our lives. It can be difficult to step out in faith, but when we believe that God doesn’t call us to anything that He won’t help us finish, it makes it a little easier. Things certainly get messy, surprising and unpredictable, but we’re never left to deal with anything alone. When we have thrills, spills and excitement, God also gives us stain-remover, washing machines and dry cleaners* (*read “sacraments” here).

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Monster Crush

My first monster crush was on King Kong (and, yes, the word “first” does suggest that there were more). I loved King Kong so much that I was given a stuffed animal of him a short time after I first saw the movie. I don’t know if it was manufactured specifically as a King Kong, but that’s how it was presented to me, and I’ve loved it ever since. It was the first stuffed animal I remember owning and even had it still when my children were born. I passed him on to them, as well as my love for monsters.

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Frailty Assumed

schlameii 2014This is one of my recent blogs from the Saint Aloysius website.  It’s about the Feast of the Holy Family, and how good God is about modeling family for us through families God used for His glory in the Bible.  The stories don’t depict what we would call “traditional” families; but blended, adopted, late-in-life and surprise families.  It also discusses our frailty as we seek to live as holy families, and how Jesus assumed that frailty into Himself.

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