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Take Your Kids to Your Diocese’s Chrism Mass

The Chrism Mass is when the bishop of each diocese comes together with all of the priests in the diocese to bless the holy oils that will be used throughout the coming year for sacramental celebrations. The oils of the Sick, Catechumens and Chrism are blessed and distributed for parish use. It’s an important event, and if you can swing getting there, totally worth it.

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Batman is a loner. He’s the Dark Knight, moving through the shadows and being a vigilante all over the place. Even when the Justice League was formed (partly by his design), he didn’t want to be tied down by the responsibility of belonging. The LEGO Batman Movie is a hilarious and exciting exploration of Batman’s desire for solitude and his need for companionship.

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LEGO Batman | Bigger on the Inside

Warning: Contains Spoilers

When it comes to the LEGO Batman Movie, everything is awesome. From the very first black frame to the last white frame, the movie was funny, action-packed and, as usual, had a fantastic moral component. The movie is all about family and offers terrific potential to talk to kids about the need to belong, the pain of loss, and the rewards of risking love.

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Behold The Lamb of God | Breaking Open the Word at Home

Did you know that you are an apostle? We are an “apostolic faith.” That means that each person who has had the opportunity to know Jesus has the job of sharing Jesus with others. Today’s readings show how God works through our example to help others see the light of God’s presence in the world.

Click here for a short reflection on this weekend’s Scriptures with discussion questions for the whole family.

Armor of Light | Breaking Open the Word at Home

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…but before we get there, we have a whole season of Advent to get through! The Church, in her wisdom, designed a time of slowing down and reflection in what is for most people one of the busiest times of year. Today we begin that season, and also the new liturgical year (cycle A—which means we’ll hear a lot of the Gospel of Matthew throughout the year).

Click here for a short reflection on this weekend’s Scriptures with discussion questions for the whole family.

Six Easy Ways to Celebrate Advent Without Any Additional Work (almost)|Catholic365

Advent is a great season. We all observe it, but much of the time, we overlook the meaning behind all those wonderful family traditions that we celebrate throughout the four weeks. Here are a few ways (in no particular order) to incorporate some theological discussion into what your family will be doing anyway because, let’s face it, there’s nothing kids love more than a good theological discussion. Maybe not, but they do love knowing the “why” behind our actions.

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