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Incredibles 2 | Bigger on the Inside


Incredibles 2, as promised by the actors before the movie began, was well worth the more than a decade wait for the sequel. It tackles themes like adolescence, stay-at-home parenting, working parents, work insecurity and potential homelessness, how to deal with unjust laws, and my personal nemesis: New Math. Funny, action-packed and beautifully made, this is a fantastic family movie.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story | Bigger on the Inside


Solo: A Star Wars Story offers a glimpse into three years of Han Solo’s life, which is meant to give us an understanding of where he came from and how he became the hero that we all love. Don’t worry—he knows. This was not my favorite movie from the Star Wars franchise, but it did offer some great themes for family or youth group discussions.

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Avengers: Infinity War | Bigger on the Inside

In Avengers: Infinity Wars, personal sacrifice to save the life of another is a major theme—as is the value of a single human life. Here’s your Catholic family movie review, complete with the trailer and discussion questions for your older kids. (We’re not recommending it for the younger set.) And, I worked really hard to not include any spoilers.

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The Black Panther: A Course in Social Justice | Bigger on the Inside

Movie poster from Black Panther

The latest installment of Marvel Comic movies, “Black Panther,” is timely, beautiful and an important commentary on our responsibility toward one another — particularly those who aren’t directly related to us. Go see it. Bring your teens. Bring your youth group.

The question of “what is my responsibility to my brother?” is a constant companion in this movie, each main character struggling with it in their own way. It challenges our use of the resources that we control, and how protecting our own freedom and stability to the exclusion and detriment of others is faulty policy; both morally and practically. Women and people of color are depicted in relationships of equality, respect and dignity that could serve as a model for us any day. If you’re looking for a way to introduce Catholic social teaching to young people, I strongly recommend using this movie as a catalyst for conversation.

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The Last Jedi and Irrelevant Religion | Bigger on the Inside

The Star Wars franchise has had plenty of ups and downs, but The Last Jedi was a two-hour-and-forty-minute expression of those ups and downs all in one shot. There were cheerful moments (moments when everyone cheered) and “Seriously?” moments. The movie was too ambitious and accomplished less by doing too much. There was a very interesting commentary on the role of religion in society as we see Luke’s struggle with the use of the Jedi and his desire to end the religion. It’s a good watch and a great movie for family discussion.

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