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Ripped From The Womb, Not A Person

A woman who was preparing for the birth of her child responded to an ad on Craigslist to purchase clothes for her baby. Upon her arrival, the person who placed the ad, a deranged woman bent on kidnapping the unborn child, attacked the expectant mother, cut her open and removed the baby; leaving the mother in serious danger of death and ultimately killing the infant. The assailant is being charged with the attack on the mother, but will not be charged in the murder of the infant. Colorado state law does not consider a fetus to be a person because it cannot live on it’s own outside the womb for an extended period of time; hence the death of the baby was not a murder—because a person wasn’t killed. (See article on CNN here.)

I have often noticed that in news reporting, when discussing abortion, reporters would refer to the unborn child inside as a “fetus”, but when they were reporting on a story where a wanted unborn child was killed as a result of an accident or an attack that the child was referred to as an “unborn baby.” A distinction is made according to the intention of the mother. That’s bad enough. But now, in a case where a mother was actively preparing for the birth of her child, she is not even being given the dignity of the state acknowledging her little lost one as a person.

How wounding, how disgraceful and how inhuman the law is becoming. In an effort to “protect the rights of women” in their reproductive choices, we have come so far as to not even protect the lives of unborn children that are wanted. I believe all abortion is wrong—I can’t understand how in this day when we have so much information about what happens in the womb, the way a child develops and the absolutely clear humanity of these tiny ones how anyone could not see the evil of abortion. But this takes our disregard for human life to a whole new level.

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