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Pan | Bigger On The Inside

My family, being on Easter Break together, decided, after much of our vacation had gone wrong, to have a family movie night. I wish I was writing about Batman Vs. Superman, but even when I’m on vacation, I don’t get out much. Going through the “on demand” section, we came across Pan, a movie that most of us had wanted to see when it came out last year. So, we hunkered down, settled in a gave it a go.  The movie diverted us from our troubles for a while, so it served its purpose.  It also gave my kids a couple of opportunities to make fun of me for crying “over every little thing.”

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The glowing cloud Sharpless 2-296, part of the Seagull Nebula

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Sci-fi, Superheroes and Cartoons...These things, more than any other, occupy my mind and my keyboard as I ponder them through the lens of my Catholic faith.

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