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Order Comic Con Christianity Online!

My new book, Comic Con Christianity, is available for delivery on August 7.

From the earliest days of human culture, superheroes have inspired us to look deeper and raise questions about how we live in community. Every generation had its heroes from Beowulf to Siegfried to King Arthur, and our more recent heroes given by Tolkien, Lewis, Stan Lee, and Gene Roddenberry. Comic Con Christianity is a gateway to faith for young, unchurched nerds who do not currently have the vocabulary of faith which, incidentally, is the same vocabulary as most superhero, sci-fi, and fantasy media. For the seeker—young adults and nerds of all ages—this book is an introduction to Catholic Christian thought using media that already speaks to them. For the faithful, considering these stories from a Christian perspective offers a challenge to the way we live our faith.

Comic Con Christianity, a natural expression of  Catholic faith, invites the reader to look at Catholic Christian spirituality within the context of some of the most compelling stories of our culture. The stories in this book, which resonate with many, is a bridge between this ever-growing demographic and our Catholic faith.

It can be ordered directly from Paulist Press by using this link.

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Sci-fi, Superheroes and Cartoons...These things, more than any other, occupy my mind and my keyboard as I ponder them through the lens of my Catholic faith.

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Carol Schaffer


Congratulations on your book! What an inspiration! What a great way to reach out to young people and share the faith in an unconventional way. You are amazing!

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