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Master Sue

I know that this is an entertainment blog, and that martial arts are not strictly “entertainment,” but they are “arts.” So, I’m going to write about that today. I want to tell you about my Yoda; my Master—Master Sue. She doesn’t look like a Muppet and she’s not wrinkled and green; she’s really gorgeous. And she’s awesome. Right now she’s kicking cancer’s ass, but she can kick yours (or your Master’s), too. Even in the midst of chemo and radiation she has been present and keeping her dojo open (with the help of some terrific Instructors). And, while I could write a whole blog just on that, I’m not going to. You can see her own thoughts (which are better than mine) on her Facebook page: A Warrior’s Journey.

Anhoo, she learned Martial Arts at a time when ladies generally didn’t do that, and she suffered for her art—it was old school training, and I’d say that it made her tough, but I know she already was. But, tough as she is, she is also one of the kindest, most encouraging people I’ve ever met. She teaches with precision, compassion and wisdom. I’ll get in trouble for saying this (because I’m not allowed to do negative talk), but I’m a spaz. I think I have an undiagnosed auditory processing delay, but I’m also clumsy; and she’s been able to teach me. She finds ways to teach everyone—no matter what level of spaz they are.

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