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Labyrinth | Bigger on the Inside

They just don’t make movies like they used to

More than once, I have shown my kids movies from my youth that I had a nostalgic fondness for—ET, The Goonies,

When newcomers to the Doctor’s TARDIS first board the time-and-space travel machine, most of them say a variation of, “It’s bigger on the inside!” From without, it looks like a normal British police call box, but on the inside it’s infinite in size. This is not unique to the TARDIS—nothing transcends time and space like stories! Books, TV shows, movies, video games, comic books, music—they all contain way more than what appears at face value. This blog will glance into the deeper world of various media; particularly those consumed by kids. It’s not my place to tell parents what their kids should or shouldn’t watch or listen to, but I will tease out themes (be they useful or harmful), trends and faith images for your consideration. —Jen

all of the Muppet Movies, The Dark Chrystal, Willow, The Princess Bride, Star Wars, Indiana Jones (the list could go on and on!)…those movies are classics! However, every once in a while something pops up in these movies that I had either not noticed to begin with, or had completely forgotten about, causing my husband and I to shoot each other uncomfortable, sideways glances.

I regret nothing!!! But, I do wish I had remembered some of that was in there before I showed them to my kids.


It’s in that spirit that I want to recommend to you the movieLabyrinth, which I made my family watch in honor of the passing of David Bowie. (Yes, “made.” Most were willing, but there are always one or two dissenters).

Here’s what to know before the show…

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