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He Emptied Himself | Breaking Open the Word at Home

In the readings for this Sunday, March 25, we move from offering Jesus with a hero’s welcome to yelling, “Crucify him!” and putting him in a tomb. Jesus shows us what God is made of with his compassion, love and complete self-giving. We take everything he offers us gladly. And then, when things get tricky, we turn on him. The Apostles did their best to stand by him, but they couldn’t understand that what was happening to Jesus was in God’s hands. It can be very hard for any of us to remember that, no matter how bad things get, God is on our side. It’s hard to remember that, God only wants good for us. And it’s especially hard to remember that God will never let evil win. Our readings today can be a help for us in times when we might be tempted to second-guess God.

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