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Happy Little Accidents

These days, when I think of the things that were formative to me in my youth, I get a little sentimental. Maybe because I’m old, or because it’s Lent, or because I’m making major changes in my life, but I’m feeling very reflective. I owe a great deal of gratitude to my family, my faith, the people I’ve met and spent lots of time with, various good and crappy circumstances…and TV. TV was a big influence in my young (who am I kidding…and my adult) life. I continue to make many references to the shows I watched when I was a kid in my teaching, writing and parenting.
One of the shows that made a significant impact is one that most people my age have been affected by—Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting. I came across a video remix a few days ago that reminded me of the lessons I learned from this show and how much I loved watching it.
If you are not familiar with Mr. Ross (or are in the mood for a bit of nostalgia), here is the Bob Ross Remix put out by PBS:

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