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Dragon Baptisms

For almost half my life it has been my job to work with individuals who are converting to Catholicism through the RCIA process. During Lent, as is the case with all Catholics, we focus very much on our sinfulness and our need for reconciliation with God and one another. The whole 40 days of Lent is dedicated to this and have we rituals to assist in it.
Everybody is always super jealous of the Elect who will be Baptized at Easter because everything bad they ever did in their lives is drowned in the waters of Baptism and they get to totally start over. They go into the water their old, broken selves, and come out a new creation in Christ. But, first they spend all of Lent really scrutinizing themselves to see what needs to be left in the water—what they need to die to in order to rise to Christ.

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