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Does Top Gear Stop Here?

Mondays are…well, Mondays. Garfield hates them; most people in the workforce hate them. But, for me Mondays were a good thing. Sunday is the first day of my work week, so there’s that, and I have karate Monday night. I love that. Then, I had the great joy of looking forward to a nice cold beer and some beautiful escapism while playing the jewel game on my phone and watching the eight billion episodes of Top Gear that would record on my DVR (I’m talking the British version here…).
This is probably going to be no more. Jeremy Clarkson, one of the three (but not my favorite—I love James May) members of the Top Gear group has assaulted verbally and physically a producer on the show and was fired. What now? This is too much to handle since “James May’s Man Lab” has inexplicably disappeared already. What now?

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Barbara Hosbach

I haven’t watched the show all that much, but I thought it was James May’s show anyway. He seems capable of continuing on his own to me…but then it’s not up to me.



    Ha ha! Me, too, Barbara! Sorry I didn’t respond sooner–I missed your comment. Thanks!

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