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Chapter Five: The Tale of Butterscotch

Butterscotch had a rough winter. She is a little sweetheart, and a little silly. Her sisters don’t always appreciate her sweetness and just consider her to be dumb. Sometimes they even pick on her a little. Last winter, Butterscotch was injured—and she almost didn’t make it.


Butterscotch and Cartoon sitting on Mommy's lap

Butterscotch and Cartoon sitting on Mommy’s lap

Every day after work, Mommy would run out to the coop to see how her girls were doing and to spend some time with them. Mommy would sit on her little green stool inside the coop where Cartoon and Butterscotch would come and sit on her lap. Cartoon would try to eat shiny things like buttons or grommets on Mommy’s clothes, or try to eat her hair, but Butterscotch would just sit and warm her feet on Mommy’s lap.


One day, when Mommy returned from work, the sun was just about setting, so she ran outside to spend whatever little bit of daylight she had with the chickens. To her horror, she saw that Butterscotch was bleeding! It was a huge wound, and Mommy didn’t know what to do.


She grabbed Butterscotch, ran into the house and called the vet. Luckily, the vet just happened to be one of the foremost chicken experts in the world. He told her to bring Butterscotch right over and he would have a look. When the Doctor examined her, he discovered that the wound was so profound he couldn’t even stitch her up. There was nothing to do but clean the wound and put an enormous band-aid on it. So, he gave Mommy medicine to give Butterscotch and said that he did what he could, but wasn’t sure she would survive the night. If she did, Mommy was supposed to bring her back to see the doctor the next day.


Butterscotch in sick bay

Butterscotch in sick bay

Mommy and Dad set up a place for Butterscotch to sleep in the warm, sheltered basement and went to bed hoping for the best. To Mommy’s delight and surprise, Butterscotch was alive, energetic and looking for breakfast! That night, Mommy brought her back to the doctor who cleaned her wound again and told Mommy to keep giving her the medicine and keep her clean.


When Mommy got home from work, she would go and visit with the chickens in the coop and give them an update on their sister’s progress. Donna always had questions about the care she was receiving and hoped that Mommy was doing everything right. Donna kind of thinks that she is the only one who can do everything right…Then when it was getting dark and time for the outdoor chickens to go to bed, Mommy would go in and visit with Butterscotch. Mommy would share the well wishes of Butterscotch’s sisters and that was a great comfort to her.


For weeks, Butterscotch lived in the basement getting stronger and stronger every day. Mommy gave her special treats to help her gain her health back as quickly as possible. She never even stopped laying eggs while she was sick–what a trooper! After about a month and a half, Butterscotch was well enough to rejoin her sisters in the coop. Now, she is the biggest, fluffiest and most beautiful of all the sisters. She’s still the silliest, but everybody appreciates her for what she is.





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