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Finding Christian Themes in Today’s Superhero Sagas | A Review of Comic Con Christianity

A beautifully woven tapestry with nearly equal parts faith and culture, “Comic Con Christianity” has something for nearly everyone. Contributor Ryan Langr, admitted lover of all things nerd, reviewed “Comic Con Christianity” by fellow contributor Jen Schlameuss-Perry.

Ryan writes, “As a lover of all things “nerd culture,” I jumped at the chance when author and colleague Jen Schlameuss-Perry asked for a review of her book “Comic Con Christianity.” A passion of mine has always been combining the faith with points of secular culture. I was not disappointed.”

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Teach Your Kids About God by Harnessing the Power of Stories | PBGRACE

Some of the best ways to learn about God is by teaching your kids to see God in what they like to read and watch. Here are ways to help teach your children about God through the power of stories. My new book, “Comic Con Christianity,” makes an attempt to do just that. It takes the truths of our faith and illustrates them using stories from the Bible and my favorite samples of nerd culture. Besides the Bible, my favorite stories are from sci-fi, superheroes and fantasy stories. Not only are they lots of fun, but they speak the same language as Christian theology — talking about destiny, purpose, sacrifice, justice. Catholic elementary school and my Jesuit graduate training helped me to see God everywhere, and nerd culture is a natural place for me to see God.

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Comic Con Christianity | Coming Soon!!!

From the earliest days of human culture, superheroes have inspired us to look deeper and raise questions about how we live in community. Comic Con Christianity can be a gateway to faith for young, un-churched nerds who do not currently have the vocabulary of faith, which, incidentally, is the same vocabulary as most superhero, sci-fi, and fantasy media. For the seeker young adults and nerds of all ages this book could be an introduction to Catholic Christian thought using media that already speaks to them. For the faithful, considering these stories from a Christian perspective offers a challenge to the way we live our faith.
Comic Con Christianity, a natural expression of Catholic faith, invites the reader to look at Catholic Christian spirituality within the context of some of the most compelling stories of our culture.

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Comic Con Christianity has been awarded the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval