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Bigfoot and Chupacabra: Perfect Together

Very often, people think that working for a Church must be so nice and calm and easy. It’s not. It’s great—I love it—but on a daily basis we deal with the very serious realities of people’s lives: death, illness, poverty and disaster, mental and emotional issues, addiction; anything that can cause distress to an individual or family. There’s loads of happy stuff, too, but the weight of the reality of people’s lives can be borderline crushing at times.
That’s why I love TV. When the only stuff that’s on is reruns of sitcoms that I’ve seen too many times, I turn to “reality shows” like “Ancient Aliens,” or various monster-hunting shows. One night, when I was feeling pretty wiped out, my husband and I came across “Mountain Monsters.” If you haven’t seen it, it’s a group of hillbillies who hunt local monsters in the Appalachian region—not to harm them, but to prove that they are real.
This particular night, the crew was trying to catch Bigfoot (big surprise) and the Hellhound. It was fine, mindless entertainment. But then one of the guys said something that, if the past me was given a multiple choice quiz to guess which thing the future me would never experience because it was too crazy, I would have failed that quiz.

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