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The Law of Love | Breaking Open the Word at Home

The readings for this Sunday, September 10, remind us of the importance of giving people the opportunity to make good decisions, and to make up for them when they don’t. We’re the custodians of our relationships, and if we don’t care for them properly, the responsibility falls on us. To live the law of love, means living in accountability.

Click here for a short reflection on this weekend’s Scriptures with discussion questions for the whole family.


It takes a special kind of person to think that world domination is a good idea; and I don’t mean special in a good way. It’s an expensive proposition—it costs lives, money, comfort, safety, and identity. More importantly, it costs your soul. Because, if you are so full of hubris that you believe your way is the only right way, that you are so much better than everyone else, that you should rule all, that other people’s rights and dignities are negotiable according to what suits you… if you have placed yourself in the position to judge others, then you have set yourself up as God and that’s always a losing proposition.

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