Catholic Inklings

Musings and sharings on my devotion to an ancient religion.

All About A Baby|Geekdom House

This story features unlikely heroes, alliances, conversions, epic battles, faeries, magic and monsters—you know—all the things that make a fantasy story great. The baby isn’t really a main character, because babies don’t do much. But, she is the main theme. Her safety, and the hope that she represents, are what spur the characters on.

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Where Our Treasure Is | Breaking Open the Word at Home

Our (very poetic) readings this week continue on the theme of God’s faithfulness, and our trust in God, which gives us the freedom to keep our priorities straight and not to get caught up in worry. If we are in right relationship with God, that freedom translates into availability for service to others. Because, as Jesus says, “where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.”

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