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Musings and sharings on my devotion to an ancient religion.

Star Trek: Beyond | Bigger on the Inside

Caution: Contains spoilers.

Star Trek is one of my favorite franchises; from TV shows to movies, the various evolutions of the story are entertaining, meaningful and thought-provoking. Star Trek: Beyond is receiving all kinds of critical acclaim for having all of these qualities, and for the most part, it deserves them.

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Call Me Treebeard | Geekdom House

Call me Treebeard. Hrum, Hoom

If I lived in Middle-earth, I’d be an Ent. Like Treebeard, my motto is “Do not be hasty.” But, also like Treebeard, I might take you for a small orc and step on you if I don’t first hear your voice. I’m also cautious—if I’m going to develop a relationship, I won’t rush into it, and I prefer to ask the questions rather than reveal a whole lot about myself before I know who I’m dealing with. And to make matters worse, I’m a Christian—and not just any kind of Christian, but the slowest of all Christians—I’m Catholic. And nothing is slower than the Catholic Church at making decisions.

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