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Musings and sharings on my devotion to an ancient religion.

Hope For Loki | Geekdom House

I’ve always had a soft-spot in my heart for supervillains—maybe it’s because of my Catholic upbringing, maybe it’s because I want everyone to be happy, or maybe it’s because deep down I know that under the right (or wrong) conditions, I could have become one myself. No villain has a more special place in my heart than Loki. He’s the god of mischief, and we all know and love mischievous characters (Fred and George, anyone? Jack Sparrow? River Song?). There is something redeeming in their character—something loveable.

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The Discomfort of the Cross | Catholic365

For obvious reasons, Good Friday has a different feel than any other day of the year. No other day has the same gravity. No other day has the same draw. We stop what we’re doing in the middle of the day to acknowledge the beginning of the most significant event in human history—the Paschal Mystery. We participate in the story of Jesus’ Passion, we pray for the whole world because that’s who Jesus died for and we pay homage to the cross—the object that the Romans used to bring shame, terror and despair, but that God transformed into a sign of God’s power, compassion and love.

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Chronicles of Narnia | Bigger on the Inside

“The High King of Narnia.” Used under a CC-attribution license. Find the artist here.

Narnia was the first place that I began to believe that anything was possible, which made the stories of my faith all the more real. They’re a must-read for your kids, too.

In my opinion, there is no better book series on the planet for young independent readers, or younger listeners, than The Chronicles of Narnia.

The glowing cloud Sharpless 2-296, part of the Seagull Nebula

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