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Master Sue

I know that this is an entertainment blog, and that martial arts are not strictly “entertainment,” but they are “arts.” So, I’m going to write about that today. I want to tell you about my Yoda; my Master—Master Sue. She doesn’t look like a Muppet and she’s not wrinkled and green; she’s really gorgeous. And she’s awesome. Right now she’s kicking cancer’s ass, but she can kick yours (or your Master’s), too. Even in the midst of chemo and radiation she has been present and keeping her dojo open (with the help of some terrific Instructors). And, while I could write a whole blog just on that, I’m not going to. You can see her own thoughts (which are better than mine) on her Facebook page: A Warrior’s Journey.

Anhoo, she learned Martial Arts at a time when ladies generally didn’t do that, and she suffered for her art—it was old school training, and I’d say that it made her tough, but I know she already was. But, tough as she is, she is also one of the kindest, most encouraging people I’ve ever met. She teaches with precision, compassion and wisdom. I’ll get in trouble for saying this (because I’m not allowed to do negative talk), but I’m a spaz. I think I have an undiagnosed auditory processing delay, but I’m also clumsy; and she’s been able to teach me. She finds ways to teach everyone—no matter what level of spaz they are.

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Soul Soothing Sounds of Star Wars

Saturday night I purchased a Star Wars album on iTunes because my stupid phone won’t let me have my Star Wars CD on it since it last updated. Anyhoo… I got to listen to the album on my way to work Sunday morning, rather loudly, in my car. This particular version comes with the “Fox Fanfare” and then goes into the “Main Title” for A New Hope. I often have an emotional response (not bawling or anything) to some of the Star Wars music; particularly Princess Leia’s theme and the Throne Room Finale—but that morning, going from the “Fox Fanfare” into the “Main Title” really got me. It was like all the excitement of every Thanksgiving night that I can remember as a kid, when there was a Star Wars marathon on and my whole family would settle down in front of the TV with leftover sandwiches to watch all three movies, the joy of seeing Return of the Jedi in the theater with my Dad and siblings, the honor of hearing John Williams conduct the Boston Pops on Independence Day at the Clam Shell all came rushing back on me.


And for your listening pleasure, I offer this YouTube collection of Mr. Williams and the Boston Pops…


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Jane Says…

There are certain books that I read over and over because no matter where I am in my life, they speak to me. They have spoiled me for inferior books. Like The Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia, I couldn’t even guess how many times I’ve read another favorite—Jane Eyre. Some of the best lines ever written come from this poor, plain girl who has suffered so deeply, been overlooked so thoroughly and came to know herself so completely.

She comes to a point which should be the happiest day of her life—Mr. Rochester is finally going to marry her (after shunning rich, snotty girls)—she will have value in a monetary and social venue, value in love to another human being (whom she also loves), and will be recognized. She never in her life had any of those things. She was really alone. And then, her wedding day, at the Church, all dolled up with new duds, about to finally belong (in the most perfect sense of the word—not as property, my feminist friends) to someone else when, with a sentence, she is stripped of everything she ever wanted.

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The Vision is a Vision!!!


I actually got to go to the movies to see a movie! My family and I went and saw Avengers: Age of Ultron. It started off wonky—it looked like a video game. I actually thought that we were watching a training simulation or something at first. I’m still not sure whether the movie adjusted or I did, but it seemed to correct itself. I thought the rest of the movie looked great.
And it was great. I’m a sucker for superheroes anyway, but I loved the character development, what we learned about the lives of the heroes and that Captain America remains single; cause that means I still have a shot.
My favorite part was every bit of dialogue that The Vision was involved in. It was soooooooooo theological. I always appreciate the theological, moral and spiritual nature of superheroes—I look for it—but Vision was just so straight up godly. When he first shows up, Tony Stark tries to figure out what The Vision is and what he’s about. His response to the questioning begins with a very simple, “I am. I am for life.” Bam.


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