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Crazy and Catholic

Some of the best people I know are crazy, and some of the craziest people I know are Catholic.  If you're crazy, Catholic or a fan of superheroes, cartoons or sci-fi; you'll probably find something you like here.


Breaking News! The original Battlestar Galactica series is going to be on a local TV station near me this summer! Whoop-dee-do, you say? It’s been on Netflix for years, you say? Well, pardon me, but I’m somewhat elderly (42!) and don’t remember things like Netflix when I’m wishing to see my old TV shows. I still “tape” the shows I want to watch on my DVR. As much as I try to live in the brave new world of technology—with some small successes—my brain is wired for the 1980s. So, when I heard that BSG was going to be on, I was very excited. I bought the theme song on iTunes and have been listening to it frequently in my hype.

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God So Loved the World | Breaking Open the Word at Home

God is a community of love. We call this community the Trinity. God is a model for us of how we’re supposed to live in relationship, and our families, our “little churches,” are a reflection of that love. We ask God to “come along in our company” so that we can always live in God’s love.

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The Mothers Grimm | Geekdom House

I have heard it said many times that, until you become a mother, you can’t imagine the love that you are capable of for your child. Sure, you love your spouse a ton—obviously enough to decide to spend the rest of your lives together, but the love a mother has for her child is fierce. Fierce because of the intensity, fierce because it changes who you are and the way you experience the world, and fierce because you would do anything to protect that little thing even if you had to face the very gates of hell to do it.

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